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We offer rent to buy and finance packages on espresso equipment.

Want to RENT a Coffee Machine?

Sometimes it's better to rent an espresso coffee machine, so that you know what you are getting before you buy. We have some great rent to buy options for brand new coffee equipment on low weekly rental payments. These are new coffee machines from top quality Italian espresso machine manufacturers, including Faema, Vibiemme (VBM) & Mazzer. 


Vibiemme Minimax 2 Group Semi Auto

Vibiemme Minimax Rental Package
VIBIEMME Minimax Semi-Auto 2 Group & Mazzer Mini Grinder

Rent this coffee machine for only $69 per week (inc GST)*
Perfect for Bakeries, Bars, Restaurants & small Cafes. Upgrade to the powerful Mazzer Super Jolly grinder for only an extra $3 per week.


Faema E98 President 2 Group

Faema E98 Presdient Rental Package 
FAEMA Electronic 2 Group & MAZZER Super Jolly Grinder

Rent this coffee machine for on
ly $99 per week (inc GST)*
Ideal for medium sized cafes. Faema the proven workhorse & the solid Mazzer Super Jolly. This combination won't let you down.


Vibiemme Replica 3 Group Auto

Vibiemme Replica Rental Package 
VIBIEMME Electronic 3 Group Multi-boiler & MAZZER Major Grinder

Rent this coffee machine for only $159 per week (inc GST)*
The ultimate espresso machine and grinder package for a seriously busy cafe. Top of the line Vibiemme Replica 3 Group Multi Boiler and the powerful Mazzer Major grinder. 



* Security bond, booking fee and a minimum 12 month rental contract apply to all machine rentals. 

Please contact us if you would like more information on how you can rent-to-buy brand new coffee equipment.

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